TelebuJoin is a video-conferencing application that lets you turn any space into a virtual conference room, at any time, and expand market reach with on-demand broadcasts.

Join is the easiest way to start remote conversations or instant team meetings!


Video Conferencing

Initiate a group video call with your team instantly

Screen Sharing

Collaborate on new ideas with easy Screen Sharing options

Call Recording

Save your conversations using call recording settings

Video/Audio Broadcast

Set up webinars or podcasts in a few simple steps

Instant Messaging

Send IMs or Chats to everyone on your group or video conference

Audio Conferencing

Connect to multiple teams via HD audio using VoIP

The TelebuJoin Advantage

Unmatched Video & Audio

Host face-to-face or team meetings with high-quality video/audio

Easy Meeting Management

Manage all your video participants and videos on one screen

Dynamic Invites & Scheduling

Schedule meetings from anywhere, and add people to live calls

Video API

Integrate rich-media & video directly into your own applications


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Supports various platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc

Recording and transcripts

Access meeting recordings & use transcripts to search for specific videos

Team Chat

Integrate chat applications on video with file sharing & archiving capabilities

Robust Security

Calls are encrypted end-to-end ensuring robust security & complete privacy

Why Telebu

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for ready-to-use enterprise communication applications, or a developer looking for tested and proven communication APIs and SDKs, Telebu has got you covered.